IPISC April 2016 Newsletter


April 2016 | Volume 4 | Issue 4
Chuck Baxter, IPISC

RIMS 2016 Success

We appreciate the hundreds of risk management professionals who stopped by our booth at the annual RIMS conference in San Diego this month to learn more about IPISC’s insurance products.

This industry-leading event featured three days of world-class educational sessions, including President Bob Fletcher’s presentation, “How to Manage Intellectual Property Infringement Litigation Risk,” which was well received by attendees.

A special thanks to our co-sponsors Middleton Reutlinger for their support. It was a great event! Also, congratulations to Mickey Brown, Shiborn Rosales, Ian Happ, and Mark Gallagher as the IPISC iWatch winners!

If you would like us to present to your team about the risks of IP infringement and the benefits of IP insurance, let us know.
The Gold Standard for Angels

Meet us at the 2016 Angel Capital Association Summit in Philadelphia May 9-11. IPISC is participating in two sessions to discuss the benefits of IP insurance for start-ups and angel capital investors.

This annual conference is the world’s premier professional development event for angel investors. The Summit brings together 700 plus investors. You can check out the event here.

IPISC Writes First Collateral Protection Insurance Policy

Earlier this year, IPISC wrote the company’s first CPI policy. Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) provides a vehicle through which an owner of intellectual property (IP) can utilize their IP as collateral for a loan. In essence, the issued policy protects against collateral default.

The target audiences for this policy are owners of IP rights who wish to leverage the value inherent in the IP to be used as loan collateral and entities with a financial interest in the value of the IP when using collateralized IP for a loan.

If you would like more information about this ground-breaking coverage, please contact us at info@patentinsurance.com.
Who Is Managing Your IP Claim?

You want the claims management experts at IPISC on your side.

When the opponent knows that IPISC is on your side, they know they can’t simply spend you out of business with a frivolous lawsuit.

IPISC completely understands IP and the risks involved. Only our experienced litigation management team has:
Funded clients’ litigation expenses all the way to the Supreme Court.
Proven to save our clients more than the amount paid in premium.
Demonstrated a 25-year track record of unmatched claims response.
Helped negotiate billing rates and secure top-rated, trial-ready, IP litigation attorneys for our clients.
Customized litigation management and billing guidelines for selected counsel for each client’s individualized claim.
When our clients have a claim, we go the extra mile to see that they receive the best possible legal representation.
Don’t Be Caught Unprepared!

It is essential to seek separate coverage for intellectual property risks.

Join the industry experts at IPISC on May 18th to learn about intellectual property infringement coverage!

There is no other instructional tool available that gives you more focused expertise on identifying and managing intellectual property infringement risk.

Let us arm you with the tools needed to provide peace of mind and to help protect against potentially crippling intellectual property litigation.

Want more information? Contact a team member today!

Phone: 502.491.1144
Toll Free: 800.537.7863

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