IPISC Presents at ACA Summit 2016

May 9-11, 2016, Philadelphia, PA-   Angel Capital Association Summit 2016

Last week, representatives of Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corp (IPISC) spoke at the recent ACA Summit 2016.  The topic presented was Protect the Family Jewels – IP Due Diligence Tools Keep Patent Trolls Away. They spoke about mitigating investment risk through IP due diligence and IP insurance, such as a $1M policy backed by Lloyds of London. Learn about the due diligence benefits of aligning business and IP strategy and how to mitigate the rest of your investment by using various IP insurance products.

More about the ACA Summit 2016

The Gold Standard For Angels

The annual Angel Capital Association Summit is the world’s premier professional development event for angel investors. ACA members, other accredited investors and professionals in the startup ecosystem are invited to attend the event in Philadelphia.

The Summit brings together 700 plus investors to:

  • Share best practices in angel investing – deal sourcing, terms, supporting portfolio companies, syndication, and top exits

  • Discuss the latest data and trends in startup investing and different industry sectors

  • Hear keynote presentations from thought leading investors and entrepreneurs

  • Network with top angels from throughout North America and the world

  • Meet with corporate leaders to build relationships for investor portfolio companies and meet a limited number of interesting entrepreneurs

  • Connect with Philadelphia’s startup ecosystem

For more information about the conference, please go to www.2016acasummit.com

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