Applications for Our Products

Applying for IPISC's insurance policies is a two-step process to help us obtain the information we need to calculate the most cost-effective policy for you. First, we ask you to file out a Base Application, where you can provide us with information about your company and needs that is shared across all of the insurance policies.

Second, we ask you to fill out one or more applications for your specific insurance needs, for example, if you want both Enforcement and Defense protection for your patent related activities. A bit of work, to be sure, but we want to be able to offer you the most cost-effective policies to protect your business from IP threats. Thank You!

Quick Quote: you can use our one-page Premium Estimate Request form (pdf) to obtain a quick estimated price for the premiums for any of the following insurance products. The Indication is not an offer of insurance with binding terms, but rather an estimate to make it easier for you to decide to fill out the applications for a formal underwriting.

Base Application for IP Infringement Insurance policies (pdf)

Note: you can download the following PDF applications, fill in the applications on your computer, save the filled-out form, and email it to us.

         CPI (Collateral Protection) application (pdf)
         (protection for a loan using your IP as collateral)

         Defense application (pdf)
         (protection if you are sued for patent infringement)

         Enforcement application (pdf)
         (provides legal support if you sue over your quality patents, copyrights and trademarks)

         Post-Grant Patent Defense application (pdf)
         (protection when competitors challenge your patent before the USPTO)

         Troll Defense application (pdf)
         (protection if you are sued for infringing a low-quality patent)

         UDCI application (pdf)
         (protection if inadvertently disclose confidential information)

Checklist for you to assess your IP exposure and risk (pdf)