January 20, 2016


IPISC empowers your clients to enforce their IP rights and defend their products in court, and positions you as their choice of IP counsel. Armed with exhaustive research and decades of experience, IPISC has a demonstrated track record of unmatched claims response, having funded cases which went all the way to the Supreme Court (such as Octane Fitness). With IPISC on your side, your client’s opponent knows they can’t simply spend them out of business with a frivolous lawsuit.

IPISC offers diligent risk assessment and thorough claims response. Patents, trademarks and products are important, but ultimately worthless without the means to protect them from litigation. We do the research and extend the resources to give your clients complete peace of mind.

Our team of attorneys and experts would love to speak to you and help you make the right choices for your clients.  If you would like a quote or guidance through the process, please use the links to the right to contact us today.  We look forward to hearing from you!