January 21, 2016

Troll Defense



Patent Assertion Entities (also known as trolls) are companies that buy (usually inexpensive poor-quality) – patents, and use them as a basis for demanding royalty payments from other companies while threatening to sue non-compliant companies. Frequently trolls do not disclose what patents they own, or what specific functionality of a technology is infringing. Instead the troll challenges the entrepreneur to hire expensive lawyers and fight, while simultaneously offering to settle the claim less expensively than the lawyers will cost.

Settling with trolls often requires an up-front payment, continuing revenue share payments, agreeing to issue a press release that praises the troll’s technology and “fair licensing terms,” and signing a non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreement that stops the “victim” from speaking freely about this extortioni .

Let IPISC's troll policy protect you from these troll threats and costs.

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