About Us--Experts in Intellectual Property Insurance

IPISC Pioneered Intellectual Property Insurance!

For more than 28 years, IPISC has made a priority of providing the best service to our clients. Our Founder, Bob Fletcher (a patented inventor, patent attorney/litigator and insurance visionary) created IPISC to answer the need to protect his clients' intellectual property (IP) from litigation and misuse.       

Insure Patents, Trademarks, Logos, Copyrights, Trade Secrets

The ingenuity and drive is still evident today with the new products the IPISC team continues to offer to their clients. At IPISC, every aspect of the client's needs are evaluated to ensure that the products and services being offered are going to best insure and  protect that client.  Our underwriters are patent attorneys and the firm's entire team of experts is here to work with you.  

Insuring Products of the Mind!

Whether you are an inventor, an attorney, a risk manager, a business owner, a financial advisor or an insurance broker .... IPISC and our IP experts will work for you to provide insurance coverages and litigation support services that are unmatched by any competitors.