Policies Available to Insure YOUR "Products of the Mind"

  • Enforcement Insurance......A unique plaintiff’s policy enabling customers to enforce IP rights 
  • Defense Insurance......The solution to the gap left in CGL policies for IP risks, enabling our insured to defend charges of IP infringement.  Multi-Peril Rider INCLUDED!     Troll Defense Rider INCLUDED (for those insuring products and processes)
  • IP-Risk Defense Insurance......The IP Risk Insurance policy provides a risk transfer vehicle through which parties can insure against virtually all intellectual property lawsuits, whether those suites arise from competitors or non-producing entities (NPEs/Trolls) and whether the suits are against products that are in commercial use or products and processes that are used behind the scenes.
  • Multi-Peril IP Insurance......A first-party coverage policy covering damages due to the loss of IPISC insured IP litigation. IPISC includes  Multi-Peril rider on Defense Policies with limits of $50,000 or higher. 
  • Troll Defense Supplemental Insurance......Supplemental Defense coverage that specifically covers infringement charges brought against insured’s non-core activities by pre-identified NPEs and/or NPE-related patents.  Defense Policies with patent coverage, include a Troll Defense Rider with limits of $50,000 or higher is included.
  • Unauthorized Disclosure Insurance......Coverage for the unintentional disclosure of a third party’s entrusted confidential information – has both Defense and Enforcement features.
  • Collateral Protection Insurance......Policy allows using patents as collateral for a loan, with loan default covered by the insurance.

Have you executed a Non-Disclosure Agreement? Has that NDA been violated? Let us know if you are interested in an NDA Enforcement Policy! Email to